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TWU 556 Negotiating Team

Straight From The Source!

Your Negotiating Team (NT) finished another three days of talks with Southwest Airlines Management.  We are happy to say once again, our talks were productive and both sides continue to be encouraged at the direction negotiations are going. We began talks by revisiting Article 14 – Vacation, Article 32 – Attendance and Article 9 – [...]
Author: TWU 556
Posted: April 7, 2014, 6:53 pm
Once again, thank you for keeping up with your Negotiation Team (NT).  On March 19-20, 2014, we sat down at the table with Southwest Airlines Management to continue discussions on Article 14 – Vacation.  We also opened up discussions related to Article 32 – Attendance, at Southwest Airline’s request.  Our conversations regarding attendance and operational [...]
Author: TWU 556
Posted: March 26, 2014, 7:52 pm
Thank you for keeping up with your Negotiating Team (NT). We have just finished another day of productive talks with Southwest Airlines Management. During this time, we also scheduled additional negotiating dates (listed below) that bring us to the one year mark at the table. It’s a good time to reflect on our overall progress. [...]
Author: TWU 556
Posted: March 10, 2014, 3:47 am
Thank you for keeping up with your Negotiations. Armed with the great response from our most recent survey, we sat down at the table for creative discussions to look for ways to maintain and improve our industry-leading Contract. We met with Southwest Airlines Management February 18 and 19 to discuss Articles 14 – Vacations, 29 [...]
Author: TWU 556
Posted: February 21, 2014, 3:32 am
Southwest Airlines’s member Unions joined together to issue a letter against Southwest’s new and aggressive negotiations tactics which includes Southwest’s new site, Please visit to view this statement.
Author: TWU 556
Posted: February 8, 2014, 1:44 am
  Your Negotiation Team (NT) is very disappointed in Southwest Airlines Management’s website   We understand Management’s alleged desire to communicate with its Employees regarding the Company’s business. However, this website appears to be nothing more than a negotiation tactic to directly deal with Members as an attempt to improperly lower our expectations. The Company is [...]
Author: TWU 556
Posted: February 4, 2014, 1:30 am
  • The Easter edition of Unity Update introduces our new Atlanta and Las Vegas Domicile Executive Board Members, the Language of Destination/Origin Program (LODO) and our new Leave Specialist. Also included: Contract Quickies for Deadheading, Open Enrollment for Supplemental Insurance and you might be surprised who can read that draft IR you saved.

    Unity Update – April 20, 2014
  • Las Vegas Domicile Executive Board Member Appointment

    Las Vegas Domicile Executive Board Member Addie Crisp has resigned her position effective May 1, 2014. While the TWU Local 556 Executive Board will miss her invaluable contributions as a Board Member, we are most excited for Addie and her family, as they are anticipating the impending arrival of their second child.

    During last week’s meeting, the Executive Board voted unanimously to accept Addie’s recommendation, appointing Las Vegas Flight Attendant and Shop Steward Rachel Brownfield as Addie’s replacement as Las Vegas Domicile Executive Board Member.

    We are confident that the Flight Attendants of the Las Vegas Base will continue to be well-represented by Rachel Brownfield and look forward to working with her in her new leadership position on the TWU Local 556 Executive Board. When you see her out on the line, please congratulate Rachel on her appointment. Look for more information about Rachel Brownfield in the spring issue of Unity Magazine.

    Please also join us in thanking Addie Crisp for her years of service to our Membership and congratulate her on her beautiful, growing family.
  • ATL Domicile Executive Board Member Appointment

    After careful consideration of several qualified applicants, the Executive Board is excited to announce Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Pamila Forte as the Domicile Executive Board Member for the new Atlanta Inflight Base. We are confident that Pamila will represent the Flight Attendants in the Atlanta Base well and will make responsible decisions for the Membership of TWU Local 556 as a Member of the Executive Board. Please join me in congratulating Pamila on her appointment. Look for more information about Pamila in the spring issue of Unity Magazine!
  • TWU Local 556 State Conference Chairs LaTonia Paul Benoit, Addie Crisp, Donna Keith, and International COPE Field Staff Member -Gwen York; at the State Conference Chairs meeting March 6, 2014 in Washington, D.C. at TWU International Headquarters.

  • A replay the of April edition of TWU-TV can be found on the TWU 556 Website. Watch the video and find out whats happening at TWU Local 556.

    2014 Complete Broadcasts


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